There, in the west, where it ends Sicily, on a promontory facing the sea and the wind, is the city that the Phoenicians called Lilybeo and that the Arabs wanted to rename Marsa Ali.

Around a center, small but full of art and history, opens a vast territory that includes an infinite number of hamlets, the so-called "districts". In the lands around here, away from the hustle and bustle, it produces a wine of ancient and glorious history, with a taste and a smell unmistakable: Marsala.

The promenade, very nice for the many palm trees that are followed on the one hand and on the other, will take you directly to the bathing area where alternate beaches and lidos.
There, on hot summer days when the sun does not fail to feel the strongest presence, you will open the eyes clear sea and inviting.

On the opposite side, in the direction of Trapani, is waiting for you instead a landscape even more particular: the Lagoon of the tin with Mothia and other small islands that are part of the Nature Reserve and, a little farther on, the Saline with tanks to collect salt and windmills.



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