Isole Egadi

Isole Egadi

Nature reserve since 1992, the archipelago of the Egadi Islands, located off the extreme western tip of Sicily. The underwater world of these beautiful islands are just wonderful, very rich in many plant and animal species. A particularly unspoilt nature, landscapes and stunning views and the ancient and traditional hospitality of the inhabitants, make the Egadi Islands, a place to visit and live. Make up the archipelago the island of Favignana, the largest; Marettimo, the furthest from the coast of Sicily and the most mysterious and the island of Levanzo, the smallest. Contrary to many islands of Sicily, the Egadi Islands, have volcanic origins, their geological structure is of a dolomite.

The archipelago of the Egadi is more interesting from a naturalistic point of view that the marina. Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are the three islands of the archipelago, both for them and for both their landscapes, seem the mirrors reflections while preserving the distinctive characteristics. Favignana, the largest of the three islands, retains some buildings of a certain artistic value, as some churches and Baroque Palazzo Florio.


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